Best Gifts to Get Your Man to Say I Love You

There are many different ways to tell your man you love him and that you were thinking about him. However, one of the most direct ways to show affection for your guy is to get him a gift to say I love you.

So, here are the best gifts to get your man, for no other reason, but to show him how much you care: 

Wireless Earbuds

Wireless earbuds come in various price ranges and with many different uses. So, whether you want to get him a gift that is a little easier on the wallet or go all out, you can get what you need by pursuing this gift idea. Your man will find daily use for wireless earbuds from music to answering phone calls. 

That means, as a bonus, with this gift, he will carry a reminder of you wherever he goes. 

Club Subscription

There is a subscription service to accommodate nearly every hobby or interest, which offers goodies that can get delivered right to your man’s doorstep.

Whether your man likes a specific adult beverage, coffee, sports, food, cigars, or practically anything else, you can find a club subscription that he will love. 


You love the way your man smells, most of the time. Yet, you might want to spice things up a little when going for a night out. Or, better yet, to spice up a night in. That is where a nice, complimentary fragrance comes into play.

Gifting your man a nice cologne is beneficial in a multitude of ways. Of course, getting a classically sensual scent like Calvin Klein Eternity will make your man smell nice. However, there is much more to gifting cologne than just ensuring that he smells good: Since you bought it for him, it stands to reason that you like the scent and want to be close enough to him to smell it. 

For most men, that is pretty much all they need to know.

Grooming Essentials

Men and women need the same basic grooming essentials, even if the products and methods vary slightly. It is always nice to get your man something new or unique for grooming, especially if his item is running low or wearing out. 

Some nice grooming essential options include shavers, beard oil, soap, and deodorant. Or, to go a step further, you could put together a grooming travel bag. This gift is great if he travels for work, or you want to make it more convenient for him to stay the night at your place. 

If presented the right way, this could be a gift that opens up a whole new level to your relationship or breaches the subject.


Men love socks. A new pair of good socks is like a woman getting a new bra to most guys. We love to have it but don’t want to buy it. (Although, unlike most women, it’s much more appropriate for a woman to buy their man socks.)

Pro Tip: Get the same type of socks that your man currently wears for the best results with this gift.  


Everyone wants to feel comfortable in front of their partner, especially if they want a future with that person. You can only hide the nitty-gritty from your soulmate for so long before they see you on a day you can’t bear to adult.

By gifting your guy loungewear, you can help break the ice and let him know you feel comfortable enough with him to break out the cozy clothes.


Staying with the theme of cozy clothes, getting your guy a nice pair of slippers is also a great gift to breach the perimeter of the comfort zone. However, this isn’t quite as much of a commitment as loungewear is. So, you could use it as a good test gift to see how he reacts. If he takes it as a serious step toward comfortability, great! However, it isn’t awkward even if he doesn’t, because who doesn’t like a nice pair of slippers?

Ultimately, the perfect gift for your man depends on what he likes and the relationship you share. Yet, whatever you choose to get him at the end of the day, he will appreciate the gesture as long as you give it from the heart.

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